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Compassionate Doctors Who Understand Chronic Pain

Many of our staff, their family members, and even some of our doctors have had the same therapies we recommend to our patients. We do not offer our patients anything that we would not recommend for ourselves or our own family

We are not just providers. We have been patients and understand your concerns on a personal level.

We treat our patients like family.

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Robert Hashemiyoon

Dr. Robert Hashemiyoon

Expert in Prolotherapy with PRP and Physiotherapy Treatment

Dr. Hashemiyoon was the first physician in the United States to offer Decompression Therapy for Lumbar-Sacral Disc Disease. Dr. Dryer, the inventor of the VAX-D system, brought the first VAX-D machine to Dr. Hashemiyoon's office in the Washington DC area. The results were eye opening as Dr. Hashemiyoon saw 60-70% of the patients have improvement in their symptoms of back pain and sciatica. Nearly 50% had complete resolution of all of their symptoms.

Dr. Hashemiyoon is one of the United States' top experts on vein disease. With over 1.6 million treatments injecting micro veins his injection technique is unsurpassed. He was first introduced to Prolotherapy as a patient. He was shocked as he experienced complete resolution of his knee pain after 2 years of chronic pain with just 3 treatments. He also had complete resolution of his shoulder pain after 2 treatments.

Realizing that most patients are getting steroid or anesthesia injections which do not help long term and can actually do more harm Dr. Hashemiyoon decided to offer these treatments to the community.

He believes that no one should have their quality of life reduced by suffering from chronic pain

Dr. Obaida Batal

Expert in Pain Management and Prolotherapy with PRP

Dr. Batal was already a top surgeon when he began his training specifically for spine and joint interventional medicine.

He is specialized in ultrasound guided injections of all joints in the body. He is also a pioneer in use of autologous stem cells, derived from the patients own bone marrow, to enhance treatments to be regenerative where the area causing pain can actually be healed.

Dr. Batal fully subscribes to the lax ligament theory of arthritis and makes sure to treat surrounding supporting structures, such as stabilizing tendons and ligaments, of the joint.

Dr. Bruce Shannahoff

Expert in Spinal Decompression Therapy

Dr. Bruce Shannahoff, D.C., is an international authority on Non- Surgical Spinal Decompression. He specializes in the care of patients suffering from severe low back and neck pain due to herniated and degenerative spinal discs, sciatica, and facet syndrome.

What Our Patients Say

I have been a runner for 40 years since college. Then I tore my meniscus and had to have surgery while on the East Coast. I was fine until the past 2 years when at 59 years old I was unable to run because of excruciating knee pain that was about a 6-8 out of 10. After just 4 Prolotherapy with PRP sessions I am now able to run 3-5 miles a day without any pain.



I have been super atheltic all of my life with bicycling and weight lifting. Now in my 40's I was diagnosed with "bone on bone" arthritis in both knees and unable to exercise they way I wanted. I had 3 Prolotherapy sessions and after about 3 months I ran back to back marathons (LA and Alaska) in the same year!



in my 40's I had pain in my left knee for 2 years following a hiking accident. And I had pain in my left shoulder for 11 months from weight lifting with AC joint separation. I had 3 Prolotherapy sessions on my knee and 2 on my shoudler. I have been pain free since 2008!



As a film producer and director I am expected to be very active on set. I had severe pain in my knee and after 2 Prolotherapy sessions I am amazed that I have no pain at all.